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As soon as you receive the color diagnosis or advice, you can get in touch with a Habitat advisor to get an explanation of the document and build your grant application file.

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What Help To Renovate Your Home?

Launched by the General Council in July 2014, the Oise Renov Habitat program includes several financial aids to improve the energy performance and accessibility of private park housing. Explanations.

What Is The Oise Renovate Habitat Device For?

Oise Renovate Habitat comes from the Departmental Plan of Habitat developed in 2013 by the General Council. This program of general interest has been in effect since July 2014. Its primary objective is to support Saarinen on the path of energy sobriety, through a financial boost to improve the performance of housing and thus promote the reduction of energy consumption.

The first aims to fight against fuel poverty. It concerns the financing of thermal improvement works, for better comfort and the reduction of the energy bill.

The second aid comes in the context of home ownership, provided that thermal improvement works are carried out at the same time.

The third departmental assistance intends to encourage home support, by financing some of the first arrangements related to the loss of autonomy.

What Are The Other Goals Sought?

It is also a question of favoring the accessibility and adaptation of housing for the elderly, and of the resorting unworthy house. With Oise Renovate Habitat, the Department wishes to intervene directly in the private park, where the margin of progress to improve the habitat is the strongest.

What Are The Different Aids Included In The Device?

Oise Renovate Habitat includes four departmental aids:

Finally, a fourth aid can be requested by landlords, in return for "social" or "very social" rental agreements, with the National Housing Agency (Anah).

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How Much Are These Financial Aids?

Oise Renovate Habitat represents an investment of 1.3 million euros per year for the Department. Depending on the nature of the work, the amount of aid granted by the Department, combined with other measures, varies from 500 to 3,000 euros.

How To Benefit?

The initiative targets homeowners who live in their homes or who rent their homes and wish to undertake renovations. The housing must be more than fifteen years old, the work must not have started and must be done by a building professional.


Improvement Of The Habitat

This assistance allows you to pay a portion of some improvement costs for your principal residence.

Owner: Individual heating, roof renovation, attic insulation.

Tenant: Flooring and walls, rooms intended for housing.

Plan To Do The Necessary Steps Early Enough To Build Your File.

The works must be completed within one year from the date of agreement of the CORACLE. The GAS reserves the right to claim reimbursement of the sums allocated if you leave the accommodation less than five years after the payment of the subsidy.

Habitat Adaptation

This aid concerns the adjustment of the housing to the handicap: redevelopment or creation of adapted toilets (shower, WC) climbs stairs. It is intended for retirees with loss of autonomy (tenant or owner) and their financially dependent children living at home. A medical certificate may be requested if necessary.

You must not send your application directly to the Social Action Fund (FAS). Your file must be compiled by the habitat organization of your department, referenced with CNRACL. This professional has a role of information and advice. He will establish your file after having visited your home: it is your privileged interlocutor. To know his address, click on the coordinates of the organism's habitat.

The FAS will inform you in writing of the result of your request. The work must not be started until the FAS has notified its decision. Otherwise, the participation of CNRACL will not be paid.

Housing Diagnosis Visit

Thermal Diagnosis:

A theorist accredited by CARENE makes this determination. The latter comes to the home (provide 1:30) and performs a thermal inventory of your home. It collects a set of data on buildings and equipment. You will discuss together the energy improvement project in your home.

The information is analyzed using the state-certified software. The data processing thus makes it possible to identify the work to be carried out as a function of the energy gain generated. The diagnostician will send you under one month, the conclusions of the audit. He carries a copy to the Habitat Improvement Department of CARENE.

Accessibility Diagnosis:

Regarding the adaptation of your home to the loss of autonomy, an appointment is organized with the occupational therapist accredited by CARENE.

It diagnoses the necessary work and especially establishes how they should be implemented. You will receive within one month the conclusions of his report. You will then be able to transmit this document to the chosen craftsmen so that they respect the recommendations of works. Each situation is different; the work must be personalized according to the configuration of your home and the people living there.

Color Tip:

As this is a project to renovate your home, an appointment is organized with the CARENE accredited architect (for the non-Brier park municipalities).

He will carry out a study of your project in the form of a plan. Advice sheet including:

  • Photographs of the existing state
  • The color references were chosen with you and the recommendations relating to the restoration
  • The mention of the habitat type concerning the color chart

And any proposal deemed relevant to the understanding. The card will be transmitted to the CARENE by the architect within two weeks from the on-site visit.